Cover Letters


If you don’t have an intriguing cover letter, it’s unlikely someone will bother to look at your resume. Cover letters give the reader a small taste of the applicant’s work ethic, passion for his or her field, personality and excitement for the position. A hiring authority should feel that your values align with the company’s mission, and you are a confident candidate who will do what it takes to help the business grow.

We get to know you during our initial phone consultation. Then, we will create an eloquent letter that is a perfectly balanced blend of professional credibility and charisma. It’s our mission to make the reader excited to review your stunning resume.


Traditionally, cover letters were a one page document with a standard letter format. Today, there is a frequent substitution: the email cover letter. This new form is short, sweet and specific with a dynamic hook to command the reader’s attention. A traditional cover letter is an introduction to your personality and potential for success at the new prospective company. An email cover letter is a quick snapshot.

A certified writer will determine which format is needed after looking over the job description and company website you provide. We specialize in artfully constructing sentences with words that pack a powerful punch.

Click on the following link to read one of our cover letters.

Cover Letter Example

*We change the names and contact information on the documents we post on our website and social media. We may add your resume and/or cover letter to our portfolio or marketing materials. If we do, please feel assured that we always create a fictitious person. We love sharing our writing and design work, and also respect your privacy.