Interview Follow Up Thank You Letters


Throughout your career (and personal life), it is important to always show gratitude. How do you feel when people go out of their way to send you a personalized thank you card or email? It pulls at your “feel good strings.” After each interview, we recommend you send a formal thank you email. Let your contact know you are still excited about the company and position. The decision may come down to you and one other person. A congenial thank you letter makes another personal impression, and positive personal impressions (along with experience, of course) result in job offers. Even if you are not hired, an opening may pop up in the future. Sending a considerate thank you email increases your chances of being remembered.

We will help you write something professional and also personal. Every thank you letter is unique because each interview experience is different. We’ll discuss what was said during the interview, the company’s culture and personality of the interviewer(s). Each letter is a polite and gracious customized message that reflects the interaction you experienced.

*** This is a courtesy service for all of our clients. The last thing we want is to remind you to pay for an additional service after an interview. Also, time is everything with a thank you letter. It should be sent right away. We don’t want payments and reminders to slow you down when you’re excited about your meeting. We make the follow up letter process convenient and efficient. Of course, this service is optional. You are not obligated to follow up with us and ask for assistance with a thank you letter. We hope you do though! We love hearing about your experience and doing everything we can to help you succeed.***


The link and text below are examples of two SpotLight thank you letters. The first is a PDF custom template that matches the design of applicant’s resume and cover letter. The second is in plain text. (We change client names and contact information on the documents that we post on our website and social media. We love sharing our writing and design work, and we also respect your privacy.)

Explanation for the Following Thank You Letters: The desired position was in sales. The candidate was recruited by Pam and interviewed by Sara (Manager) and Mary Kay (Vice President). The first round of interviews went so well that she was asked to return to meet with the owner.
During our follow up call, we took notes on the personality traits the client noticed about the manager and vice president and how our client responded to the interview questions. (We always ask for details because it helps us create a customized letter that mirrors your experience during the interview. The thank you letters are just as unique as the resumes we design for you.) Since the desired position was in sales, it was appropriate write in a sales pitch style format. The language used below helped to nudge the candidate above the competition. This style would not work in every situation. Every interview differs depending on the application’s personality, interview’s personality, company culture, and questions and responses during the interview. We’ll help you write something appropriate, personal and professional. The thank you letters below worked like a charm. She started working the next week!

1. “Follow up after final interview with the owner”(PDF format that matches the client’s resume and cover design)

Click to view: Customized Thank You Letter

2. “Follow up after initial round of interviews with the VP and manager. (Plain text format)

Dear Mary Kay,

Thank you for meeting with me today. I really enjoyed our conversation. Speaking with you, Sara and Pam has made me even more excited about the possibility of working with American Traveler Staffing Professionals. I am keeping this follow up email short and sweet: I am a perfect fit for this position.

I am driven. As an entrepreneurial minded professional, I thrive in a fast paced working environment. Competition and sales goals push me to excel and exceed expectations. I juggle tasks well, work efficiently under pressure and I am independently motivated to complete tasks on time.

I am detail oriented. I am meticulous while following up with clients. Starting two businesses during school has given me a crash course in the importance of submitting accurate paperwork.

I am compassionate. I greet everyone with a warm sense of welcome, and I am confident with my communication skills. My undergraduate study of communication and theater has inspired me to view every client interaction as an art. Reaching out to leads, developing an immediate relationship and closing is a skill which will quickly become second nature.

I work with enthusiasm, kindness and commitment. I would love the opportunity to join your team as a consultant-in-training.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Marie Levy