Resumes for Recent Grads


Let's leverage your skills, internships, student groups, and community involvement to craft a compelling resume that hiring managers want to see. This option is for you if you've graduated college within the past four years. 

Investment: $300

Resumes for Mid-Career Professionals


Whether you're gearing up for a career change or just looking to advance in your current field, this option is for you if you've got up to 10-15 years of professional experience. We will tease out your unique value and craft a spotlight worthy document.

Investment: $425

Resumes for Creatives


Are you an artist, dancer, musician or actor looking to showcase your transferable skills for a side-hustle (or two)? I've been there. Spotlight Resumes can help you position your strengths and key skills for a resume that stands out (for the right reasons).

Investment: $250

LinkedIn Summary Writing Services


Does your LinkedIn summary fall flat? The right summary is engaging, has the relevant keywords for your target job and reflects your personal brand. Are you juggling multiple side hustles or planning a move to becoming your own boss? Don't tell a disjointed story. Let us help you craft a narrative that will make sense to your target. 

Investment: $175

Cover Letter Writing Services


Cover Letters, like resumes, involve a strategic writing style that says as much as possible in as few words as possible. Please note: We do not offer generic cover letter templates. Our letters are written for specific job targets which you can modify for additional jobs once you see our process.

Investment: $175

Strategy Session with Tava


Want 90 minutes of one-on-one coaching with Tava? This session can cover job search strategy (today's job search requires a lot more than just applying to openings online), interview coaching or help with refining a personal brand. Tava has been a career counselor since 2003 with broad experience across all industries.

Investment: $225

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